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Chapter 17
The Ruins of a time long forgotten

After two seemingly endless hours they arrived in the system where the Yaloan Brea’an was rumoured to be, she started to scan the system for inhabited planets and asteroids but Kayla’s thoughts were of home. Patrika came in the room approached Kayla who was lost in thought “Hey, you ok?” Kayla looked at him “not really im worried about home, I hope they are ok” he placed his hand on her shoulder and smiled. Kayla smiled and turned to the monitor noticing two planets with life and scattered stations and ships in the area, she asked Froya to head towards the closest planet after a closer look she knew it was not the planet and set course for the second planet. Once in orbit they received a transmission “Welcome to Habbin how may we help you?” a disembodied voice spoke. “Hello we are in need of supplies and rest, may we land”.

The voice told them where to land and to expect a security check for their peace of mind. Froya started her descent into the city outskirts, once they where secure Kayla, Patrika and Jada exited the ship into security. The security officer checked them for weapons “No guns on outsiders staffs and batons only” he said anxiously they handed over any weapons and headed out to the transport to the city, the transport took twenty minutes once they exited they looked out into a large city.

“Welcome to Zingara the trade capitol of the sector My name is Fabeon your guide”. Fabeon is a male standing at six foot he has grey skin with black tattoos all over his upper body, no hair and his eyes are a deep green his arms have spikes. “Hello Fabeon this is Patrika, Jada and I am Kayla we are looking to trade” she relied. Fabeon bowed and showed them to a market place “here is one of the most popular trade spots feel free to browse anything else you require?” Patrika told Kayla he would go with jada and to call if they are needed. “Yes are there any ruins around here?” he looked at Kayla with a fearful expression “yes there is the only ruins on this planet is three hours away, why the interest”? Kayla hesitated “ I am somewhat of an historian why so fearful?” he explained that in the past a war was waged there and they fear the dead will come down to seek revenge and his people avoid the area. “I promise I will do nothing to anger the spirits I only wish to learn from past mistakes. I may be able to appease them if you let me” Kayla assured him. He nodded and walked her in the right direction and out of the city “I must speak to my superiors about this I will walk with you to the path but that is as far as I will go” Kayla smiled and thanked him.

After half an hour Fabeon got off his link with his superiors who allowed her to go towards the ruins. Once they reached a dusty path Fabeon bowed and wished her luck as he ran off, Kayla started down the path she noticed some beautiful trees, flowers and old carvings scattered along the path. After an hour of walking Kayla stopped to tak in the sites she was now halfway up a large hill she turned to see the city in the distance, when she turned back she heard a distant moan it sounded hurt she followed it after a few minutes found a female Habbinian. “Are you ok? I can help you where are you hurt?” she turned her over to help her, she noticed a knife in her abdomen “You can’t help me stranger. Please take this bow and message to the city find my Daughter Lew, please don’t leave me alone” she cried.

Kayla held her hand placing her free hand on the wound then without any sign she began to heal the cut, freeing her other hand she slowly pulled out the knife as she continued to heal her, a gasp came from the woman. “How did you…?” Kayla shrugged and looked at her, amazed she stood up and laughed “Thank you stranger, I am Glo who are you”? Glo is average human height with long feather like hair and an adorned wrap around her body. Kayla now stood up and introduced herself and explained why she was there, Glo smiled and told her she was brave and she would travel with her for a time. After a few minutes of walking Kayla asked who stabbed you? To which she replied “Henolan Elemental hunters, travellers I don’t know why they attacked me”. “how long ago did they stab you?” Kayla asked “An hour ago. Wait… Are you an Elemental?” Glo asked Kayla didn’t want to lie to her she just nodded.

Glo stopped and went silent “if you want to kill me I understand im use to being hunted” Kayla spoke Glo laughed and replied “What? No im not going to kill you, you are safe in this region of Habbin the other half of the planet is unsympathetic to Elemental but I will keep your secret as thanks for my life”. Glo walked to Kayla “you saved my life nothing will compel me to kill you” she told her, they continued to walk as Glo explained the situation of the planet. Suddenly Kayla stopped and looked to the tree line “Run they are after me, RUN!” she told Glo who was hesitant to leave Kayla looked at her and simply said “You have a family” Glo’s eyes dipped slightly and ran off towards the city. As soon as Glo started to run Kayla was hit by a rock she ran up the hill towards the ruins after a quick glance behind her she saw seven pursuer’s three elemental hunters and four bounty hunters.

Gunshots were heard from behind her the odd one or two whistled passed her ears, she could hear her chasers struggling to catch a breath, Kayla looked up ahead of her and spotted an old rope bridge without hesitation she ran onto it. It began to wobble and some old boards gave way keeping focused and aware of her surroundings knowing they where on her tail, once on the other side of the bridge she saw the others had not even stepped onto the bridge. Taking the opportunity she cut the ropes and watched it fall looking back up one person lifted up his weapon and shot at Kayla hitting her in her left shoulder, she turned and continued to run towards the ruins.

The sun began to fade as she approached the entrance to the ruins she looked up to see a beautiful archway that resembled two mythical creatures, one was a Yaloan Brea’an and the other was similar to a griffin. The stone was beautiful glinting with a pearlescent coloured stone and a Jade like colour, they where breathtaking. To the right of the archway was a tablet that read “You approach Tuplour Sacred ground of the Yaloan Brea’an Travellers of the stars be respectful”.

Kayla smiled warmly and bowed in respect before walking forward, ahead of her was an abandoned pyramid like structure overgrown with Ivy, moss, trees and some wild foods. Scattered around where old structures that looked like homes and a marketplace. Kayla noticed she was near a cliff and walked to see the view with the sun setting over the landscape it was so peaceful and relaxing she thought to herself aloud “If only an Elementals life could be this peaceful” she sighed. After a few minutes she turned towards the ruins and went to explore them as she approached the pyramid she could sense she was not alone.

She looked for an entrance after an hour of looking she found nothing so she decided to take a break, the sense she had about not being alone had not left her in fact it felt closer. She began to focus on where this presence may be as she focused her breathing softened as her senses heightened as she was closing in on where it might be she got a message, “Kayla where are you?” Una asked. “I am at the ruins in the mountains I may have to stay here tonight, as I have hunters in the area” Kayla replied softly Una asked in concern “Do you need help?” to which Kayla said “no I will be ok I will message you once im clear” with that Una hung up. Knowing she was going to be out all night Kayla tended to her wound which on closer inspection was just a graze.

As she stood up the ground beneath her feet began to separate, she jumped out of the way to see a hidden entrance. The doorway was beautiful it had blue doors with golden handles, the frame was filled with designs that where almost hypnotic but relaxing, above the door a plaque read in Habbin “Only the pure of heart and noble of spirit may enter”. Kayla was very curious and after taking a few minutes to bandage her wounds and put her weapons in her backpack she entered the ruins, as the doors opened a whoosh of air went past her it smelt very stale. She stepped through the door which closed as she entered, the corridor was completely dark using the wall as a guide she walked forward soon she felt a torch she created a spark in her hand to light it. After a few tries a flame was ignited now able to see she picked up the torch and continued down the corridor.

As she continued she heard a faint cry Kayla followed it and it lead to a chamber filled with coffins that where well preserved, further into the chamber was a small figure she approached it and knelt down. “Hello, are you ok?” she asked the figure turned slowly to her it was a young boy, he was wearing tattered clothes and his face was dirty he opened his mouth “My mum is buried here I can’t find her” he sniffled. Kayla smiled “We will find her, what is her name?” she inquired to which he replied “Willow” she held out her hand which he took they stood up and started to look for his mother.

As they looked at the coffins one stood out among the rest an inscription read “Here lies Willow beloved Priestess and mother” Kayla looked down at the boy and said “I think we found her” he touched the coffin turned to Kayla and smiled “Thank you” he said before he vanished, leaving Kayla confused. Upon looking to the coffin next to her which read “unknown child, son of Willow” Kayla thought to herself “he was a ghost?” Still confused she continued after half an hour she got to a five way junction, unsure what to do she closed her eyes and followed her instincts that lead her down the third corridor. Halfway down she heard the voice of Jordan spinning around he was there holding her mother “I told you, we would meet again and now your mother is going to die” he sneered. Kayla looked at her Mother who was tearful she said to her “you will be ok, Jordan you have a quarrel with me leave her out of this. My life for hers”

Jordan sneered and laughed he tightened his grip on her mother causing her to wince, he threw her to the ground and lunged at Kayla a roar bellowed out of him louder than an explosion. Kayla braced herself for his attack feeling his mighty punch and the burning as the knife sliced her left arm the force of his body pushed her to the floor, she fought him with no weapons only martial arts after a few minutes they were on their as Kayla spun around she noticed that her mother was gone. Turning her attention to Jordan who was running down the corridor grabbing the torch she followed to a large chamber that was filled with tapestries, vases, gold, jewels and scrolls.  Spotting Jordan she approached with caution when he turned around it was not him but in fact a hooded priest.

“Greetings young one, you are in the temple of power. Answer this riddle to discover what you seek” he spoke softly. Lowering her guard and scanning him carefully she nodded and answered “Greetings priest, I am ready for your riddle” he approached the centre of the chamber and asked “What is life’s greatest power?” Kayla looked around the room seeing the gold and jewels sparkle in the light then to the scrolls and books, as she approached him she smiled and replied with confidence “The Greatest power in life is not gold or jewels it is Knowledge”. The priest looked at her after a moment of silence her replied “You are correct, next riddle: you get it once you have earned it” Kayla stood silent for a few minutes then answered “Respect you have to earn respect”. He smiled and nodded gesturing her to follow him as he led her to an adjoining chamber which had very little apart from a small family who looked hungry, Kayla stopped and opened her bag reached in pulling out a loaf of bread and some fruit as she closed her bag and put it on the priest approached. “You have displayed Kindness, generosity, selflessness and above all knowledge. You have earned the right to discover what you seek” he smiled.

Kayla stood up as did the family who returned the food to her, “was this a test?” she asked still confused he looked at her and replied “Yes young one, the first to pass here in a long time. We are the priests of this temple, we are known as Spirit Folk we live for many years. Follow us please” as they walked up some stairs Kayla felt a cool breeze looking up she say daylight and it was beautiful. Once they reached the doorway outside was a thriving village it was near a chain of mountains the one they where on was filled with greenery the other two had snow near the tops. A villager took her torch and placed it by a fire the village leader a woman named Renilda, fair haired, long antenna, tanned skin, transparent wings, her clothing were multicoloured and ragged.

“Welcome Traveller to our mountain village I see you have met Pilar our high priest, I take it you are looking for a Yaloan Brea’an” Renilda greeted. Kayla introduced herself and asked a few questions “What are your people called? Why are you living here? How did you know I was seeking a Yaloan Brea’an?” Renilda escorted Kayla to her hut and answered her questions as well as asking some questions of her own, after an hour of talking Kayla asked “why do you all look so different? Its as though you are from different races”. To which Renilda replied “we are all from different races hence the name ‘Spirit Folk’. We have passed to the next life and have chosen to stay around for those who need or require assistant, in this form we require food and sleep as those of this life. Now I assume you would like to meet a Yaloan Brea’an?” Kayla stayed quiet for a moment then looked at her and spoke “I have come looking for one yes but I am grateful to have met you all of you, do you know where one is?”

Renilda stood up and walked out of the hut as did Kayla “You can find him at the top of this mountain look for the tree shaped like a hand he will be near, be careful the nights are cold and treacherous safe travels young one” Renilda smiled warmly. Kayla bowed thanked her and walked up the mountain keeping an eye out for the hunters that were pursuing her.
The Outcast Hero Chapter 17
The Ruins Long forgotten.

Kayla must demonstrate what is important.
Apologises for the lateness of this chapter i hope you enjoy it.
Hello all
new chapters to come soon also working on new fanfic's which include Babylon 5, predators and Mass effect. If you have a particular interest in one please leave a comment.
Unexpected Happiness
Chapter 1

Kayla watched as her crewmates left her ship and started their new lives on Earth, Una approached her and spoke softly “You can still stay here you will not be hunted any more, your brothers and sisters are staying”. Kayla’s eyes began to water “My dearest friend I still have much to learn so much to see you have been here for me for so long you deserve to live here. I have yet to earn that right yet, I have to prove to myself and my people that this stupid divide is meaningless we have to become a united people. As soon as my people stop this damned divide and unite I can’t remain I have to find a way. I’m sorry Una” Kayla began to choke with tears. Una knew she needed to go but she loved her like a daughter she embraced her and whispered “You will find what you need, I know you will. I will tell your family what has happened and I know they are proud of you and of Vazine”.

With that Kayla walked back to her ship and waved farewell to her friends, her ship began to ascend as the planet got smaller she set a course to open space so she could open a tunnel to another parallel universe she had learned this talent not too long ago from another race. This would be the second time she had done this. Once she arrived she began to meditate after only half an hour she felt a connection with one universe using her powers she began to open the tunnel. She watched as a beautiful spiral of colour began to open like a flower she told her ship Froya to go into the tunnel. The trip took less than five minutes once the tunnel had disappeared she saw a nebula. She sat down and scanned the area looking for anything that resembled a solar system or anything that could have civilization. As she studied the stars she had a though "going to other universe's or galaxies that have not heard of my people, this is the second time and chances are the races here may not know of my people. Well here we go"

She set course to an odd structure at the edge of the system of planets, not long after setting course she heard static coming from here communications array. “Froya can you clear this up?” she asked hastily “Clearing it up now” she replied a clear signal was heard “This is Archangel my team and I require assistance we are over run… any ships please render assistance we….” Froya knowing her friend set a course to the nearby planet. Kayla got herself ready for a rescue mission putting on her tank top and readying her weapons she knew she would have to fight. Putting on her breathing mask for an atmospheric jump grabbing her backpack she was ready, they entered the planet atmosphere gradually reaching the coordinates. “Approaching last known transmission good luck Kayla I shall wait for the all clear”.

Kayla opened the airlock and jumped once they were over the coordinates she could hear heavy gunfire after a few minutes she could see them. There was a group of 12 pinned down by 30 plus odd shaped beings, she positioned herself right dab in the middle, her comm where linked into the radios below and she heard Archangel’s voice “I hope we get help soon we are running out of thermal clips, Spirits someone help”. Kayla was nervous to reply “Archangel? Are you one of the twelve pinned down?” she asked a shaken voice replied “Yes! We need assistance we have injured where are yo…” the radio stopped. She was now nearly to the ground she knew her target. She jumped out of her ship and landed with a softened thump as she used her powers to slow down, she turned the mass of 30 plus beings she heard one say something in an alien language her translator was either broken or this was an entirely new language. She took out her gun and her combat knife and opened fire on the massive group, dodging bullets and using the butt of her gun to knock some out she was tearing the force of the group to shreds one by one until it was down to three. “one chance to leave here alive” she shouted no reply the leader lunged at her with a glowing fist, on reflex Kayla used her own hand to shoot a bolt of lightning out of her hand causing him to fall to the ground. The other two fled Kayla began to walk to Archangel and his group when she heard a loud roar she turned to face it when she heard the sound of a gun being fired and the being falling to the ground with a bullet hole to the temple. She turned to walk back to Archangel and his group who where nearly half way to her, she walked to meet them now just a few steps from each other the leader she assumed greeted her. “Hey nice entrance, my name is Garrus AKA Archangel. Thanks for the help” her spoke with relief. Kayla put her weapons away and replied “Nice to meet you my name is Kayla. You need a lift?”

Garrus nodded and Kayla signalled Froya, who was already landing a few feet away “Please follow me I will take you where you need to go” Kayla assured them “We can’t fit on that ship it is to small” Garrus replied Kayla just told them top trust her. They began to board all were amazed to see the size of the ship, once everyone was on board and sat down Kayla put the ship in orbit of the planet. She turned to the group who had taken their helmets off there were a few humans and some aliens she removed her helmet placing it on the console. Garrus approached her extending his hand which she took, as their hands touched Kayla felt a surge of electricity through her body she felt a strong connection with Garrus but she did not know what type of connection this was something…new “thanks again for the assist we are grateful” he said in relief.

“You are welcome I was happy to help, so where are you heading?” she replied as they both let go of each other’s hand, Kayla noticed her watch strap had broken again as it fell she grabbed it but it was too late. Her true face was revealed “oh great (!)” she thought a human looked at her and said “you aren’t human, what are you?” Garrus looked at his comrade with a softened stern look “You don’t know my people? Any of you? Oh wow this is a first. All shook their heads “I am an Elemental Daverosian, my watch allows me to look human” she replied. “Nice to meet you my people are called Turian, he is a Batarian and he is a Salarian and you know humans. Do you have a medical bay?” Garrus asked. Kayla nodded and guided them to the med bay once there she told them where to find everything she sat down and began to tinker with her watch, after a half hour everyone was healed a low rumbled was heard “What was that?” Kayla asked a Salarian replied “We haven’t eaten in a while”.

“OK this way follow me to the mess hall” she smiled taking them up one floor she watched as they looked around for something to eat a Turian named Sidonis informed her that some required special food. Knowing that they were all different races she asked “if you have samples of the foods you can eat you can use the synthesizer it will replicate the food you require”, they all revealed a container of food or paste she showed them how to use it by using an apple. Kayla sat at the table and opened her repair kit and began to tinker with her watch she heard everyone sit down and began to eat their meals, Garrus cleared his throat and looked at Kayla, pushing up her glasses she met his blue eyes she knew he had a question. “So… what is an Elemental Daverosian? And where are you from?” he asked. She smiled putting down her watch she began to tell them about her people, “On my world there are two types of Daverosian’s, Elemental and Pure. I am an Elemental I can control the elements there are other Elemental that control only one element, like fire, wind, water etc. I on the other hand am a Lightning Elemental very rare, I can control multiple elements however my main element is lightning, the only one of a few have existed. Every one of my people has the power of telekinesis and telepathy. The Pure as they call themselves shun us and as a result we are hunted. We come from Daverose 7 in a parallel universe” she finished.

She looked at Garrus and his team who all had their mouths open in what she believes is shock, after a while she stood up gathered her watch and left the room heading back to the cockpit. Sitting in the chair looking at the screen looking into space literally she said aloud “Well that’s one way to say you’re a freak cue the hunters and the doctors” she sighed heavily. “None of us think you are a freak” she turned to see Garrus stood next to her giving what looked like a smile she couldn’t tell with his mandibles but could tell with his eyes they where half mooned like a smile can do to them. “You don’t? Wow THIS is going to take a while to get used to” she replied in shock. Garrus explained that for the most part many races in this universe learn about each other and accept each other. But there are still fights and disagreements “You said you where hunted in what manner?” he inquired. She felt a cold shiver across her body “We are hunted like you would hunt an animal taken as trophies, all in the name of sport and purity” she tried to hold her composure Garrus looked at her he could only say “I’m sorry”.

Smiling at him she asked “so where are you going?” he replied “Omega you can use the mass relay”, Froya had been studying this Mass Relay and had calibrated her engines to be able to use it. They set the course and where off to Omega Froya informed them they were four hours away, the rest of his crew arrived on the bridge she took the opportunity to learn about each of the races. After half an hour of talking and learning a bit of each culture they asked if they could explore her ship, Kayla smiled and told them they could they all left the table leaving Kayla by herself she decided to check the armoury heading down the stairs and arriving at her destination. Upon entering the room she looked at the weapons and their status, each weapon had either blanks or training rounds her past experience had taught her that. She was checking the manifest when she heard the door behind her open she turned to see Garrus and Sidonis enter their mouths where open wide with the amount of weapons in the room, “Wow I thought this room was going to be small it’s huge” Sidonis exclaimed. They both walked around the room looking and occasionally held a gun, Kayla was now with the rifles looking at a dummy and the sniper rifle, picking it up she took her stance lining up a shot at the target dummy but put it down, Garrus saw this and walked to her Kayla looked at him as he approached. “That bad of a shot huh?” he teased Kayla smiled “No I am a good shot but sniper rifles and me aren’t friends, took a shot with one as a kid and I dislocated my shoulder so I tend to avoid them”

Garrus asked to see her hold it so he may be able to help taking the gun and lining up the shot Garrus looked at her stance with the weapon, immediately he corrected her with a few pointers “OK first adjust the butt of the gun just under the ball and the clavicle, so it will rest and move like your arm, otherwise you will end up with a dislocation. Lean into the rifle slightly remember to breath and now line up your shot and fire” he instructed. Taking in his teaching she adjusted and fired the shot with the powerful recoil her shoulder was fine better than fine, no pain and had hit the target dead centre “Ha that’s all I needed to do? I was holding it wrong? Thank you” she laughed in disbelief. Garrus was more than happy to help “No problem I made a similar mistake when I was a kid, my Dad taught me to use it properly ha rookie mistakes so many to learn from” he chuckled. After a few minutes of talking Sidonis sat down on the floor looking exhausted Garrus walked over and said “go get some rest” Sidonis nodded then asked “Where?” Kayla told them where they could rest informing his crew they all decided to gather there to rest. “I will let you know when we are close to Omega” nodding they left she made her way back to the bridge, once there she asked Froya to inform her when one or more of the group were on their way to the bridge.

Kayla began to meditate on the day especially the strange connection she felt with Garrus, she had never felt that before reading people from their individual electrical current was easy but this was different. Minutes turned into hours Froya broke her meditation “Kayla we are approaching the coordinates, I have informed Garrus and his team” “thank you Froya” Kayla spoke softly. Fully aware she turned in her chair to face the door waiting for Garrus and his team to arrive he and his crew entered looking slightly refreshed, “we are a few minutes out now” she asked. Garrus walked over to her and sat on a chair “Thank you. When we are close enough they will contact you to dock, Aria T’Loak an Asari may want to talk to you. When you are finished with her I will meet you outside Afterlife and take you to where we are based if you want to that is, it is the least we can do after saving our asses” he chuckled nervously.

Kayla smiled looking at Garrus who was smiling back she turned to see Omega which was an old mining station in the centre of an asteroid belt. Within seconds a message came through “Unidentified vessel! Identify yourself and state your business” a rough voice spoke “This is Kayla Sera Yorth aboard the ship Froya, I have passengers to drop off and I am here to trade. I plan to register if given permission to dock” Kayla replied. After a few seconds she was instructed to dock at bay 21 where she would meet an associate of Aria, when they docked Kayla spoke to Froya “Froya protocol 9 red. Any intruders place into the brig and disable any devices and guns”. “OK why do you do that?” Sidonis asked “Talk to your ship as if it’s alive?” Froya revealed her human form to them and smiled “Because I am alive, I am a living ship”. Kayla giggled slightly to his reaction he had jumped backwards and landed on the table awkwardly. “I will explain later for now shall we leave?” Kayla told them, the rest of Garrus’ group had arrived; he led the ways as Kayla grabbed her backpack and knife.

When she stepped onto the station a stale smell greeted her, the air was down in this sector Garrus approached her and asked to speak with her to one side. Out of earshot of anyone eavesdropping “When we are out in the open call me Archangel I don’t want my family to get involved” he whispered. Kayla who did the same with her own name understood completely, “no problem” she replied. Garrus placed his hand on her shoulder sending the electricity through her body again causing her hairs on her arms to stand on end. She looked towards the corridor to see a Batarian walking towards them she noticed an orange transparent object in his arm, “What the hell is that?” she asked Garrus with his helmet on looked and realised she did not know a lot about their technology. “Oh! Right it’s an Omni tool; it’s a handheld devices that combine a computer micro frame, sensor analysis pack, and mini-fracturing fabricator. Basically a computer everyone has one normally you will need one too, I will help you with that” he explained. He gestured his comrade a human who gave her their spare one that had been under repair “Which one is Kayla?” the Batarian asked gruffly. Making sure her watch was on “right here” she replied “New here I understand you need to register talk to Aria first follow me” he instructed.

They followed him Kayla took in the area it was old and needed repair, they arrived at a club called Afterlife “I will meet you here in a bit” Garrus spoke taking his crew away. Kayla was taken to where she was sitting “Stop right there” she commanded Kayla stood still noticing that 15 people in her seating area including dancers had weapons pointed at her. Kayla just stood there as Aria turned and walked to her, Aria’s eyes went black then back to normal purple colour. Aria instructed her group to lower their weapons “So you’re Kayla the new comer to our universe come sit down, I am Aria boss of Omega Fuck with me and I will end you” she smiled cunningly. Kayla sat down and replied “I know not to mess with others Aria, I’ve been around to learn who not to mess with”. Aria nodded with a smirk “Register her while we talk” she instructed for the next half hour Aria asked Kayla lots of questions and so did Kayla. “You are now registered, sending you your copy now” a Turian told her “Thanks” Kayla replied she stood up to leave when Aria said “I will be in touch, I hope you find our universe as exciting as your own” with that Kayla smiled and walked away.

Once outside she spotted Garrus who was standing by a hover car making her way to him. When she was close to him she felt relaxed and somewhat at peace “Ready to go?” he asked “oh yes” she replied they got in the car and headed to Archangels base he asked that she keep it secret. “That’s one thing I’m good at Archangel: keeping secrets” she assured him.
Unexpected Happiness
This is my first fanfic. 
its a mass effect story about my character Kayla (From Outcast Hero) who meets Garrus and his friends from the series.

I do not own the rights to Mass Effect .
hello everyone. I am working on 3 projects at the moment, my book and 2 fanfic one on kayla meets predators and 3 Kayla goes to the universe of Mass Effect. which one would you like to see first? please leave a comment and a suggestion. thanks


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I play other games but Mass Effect and Garrus Vakarian are my loves in life.

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